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It's Not About the Building

Download the eBook

Download the complete case study to learn more about the Macquarie Bank project

This ebook available for download above tells two stories. One story is about how Veldhoen + Company developed a revolutionary new approach to the workplace which they call Activity Based Working (ABW).

The other is that of One Shelley Street, the headquarters of Macquarie Group’s Banking and Financial Services Division in Sydney which opened in 2009.

Discover the journey they took together to explore and define new ways of working to foster cross-team collaboration and inter-business teamwork at Macquarie Bank in Sydney, Australia.

“It’s about moving our team and our business forward and our relationships with our clients forward. You never get to the destination. It’s always about improving, the movements along the journey and recognising how they can inform decisions that you may make.”
CEO Macquarie Bank