A New Vision on the Workplace

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Developing a New Vision on the Workplace 

Analysing the effects of the pandemic to create a new vision

The client in question is an internationally oriented financial institution headquartered in the Netherlands that, like many other companies, was confronted with the pandemic and consequent lockdown.

Inherent to this organisation is an intensive collaboration between the various employees and departments which was disrupted by the pandemic because they could no longer physically meet. So, at the request of the board, Veldhoen + Company was asked to investigate the effects of the situation and propose improvements in the form of a new vision on their future way of working.

Uncovering the Insights

To conduct the research, we used a survey to gain insights into the work dynamics that have been qualitatively validated.

A number of aspects stood out, with one in particular showing the difference in consequences of working from home and their differing effects on respondents. For instance, employees with multiple years of service were very positive about having less travel time and more control over their days. Also having already pre-established relationships within the organisation, was highly relevant in this respect. For employees who had just started however, it was clearly more difficult to find their place because they lacked a network. This showed the importance of building and maintaining an internal network.

The Vision

The contours of the vision had to strike a balance and the board took a clear position on making it possible to work at a different location. Considering the importance of being able to build an internal network, this vision was built using three clear pillars:

  • First, the function of the office had shifted to be a place where the need to interact was central, with a special focus on those who had a limited internal network.
  • Secondly, a continuous dialogue was introduced culturally to discuss the moments in time when physical interaction would take place. The underlying

reason being that people can remain flexible in choosing how and where they work whilst having access to all the facilities as and when they need.

  • Thirdly, the importance in the use of technology increased. Not only in having the technological means, but also in consciously training everyone with the skills they need to be able to make the most of technology at a higher level.
Using Insights to Create your Vision of the Workplace

As our model above shows, we first identify gaps in strategy execution, within the organisational capabilities that create your competitive advantage. We then use the insights from the workplace meta-data, to analyse the trends on all the different building blocks.

Create your fresh start for 2021!

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