Veldhoen + Company

Creating a better world of work, together!

As the founders of Activity Based Working, Veldhoen + Company has worked with innovative, forward-thinking clients on over 300 projects, worldwide, throughout our 30-year history. We consider each of our projects to be an amazing learning opportunity for us and our clients to contribute and learn from one another to achieve remarkable outcomes.

The uniqueness of our company and our team can be summarised in four themes:

  • Independence – We pride ourselves on our objectivity in working to create the best outcomes for our clients.
  • Integrated Approach – We are different from other firms because we understand that the best and most sustainable results come from a holistic approach.
  • Unmatched experience in ABW – As the creators of ABW, we have more experience in bringing ABW to life than any other organisation in the world.
  • Genuine connection to people – Our team of authentic, passionate individuals genuinely want to see productive, sustainable change for you and your organisation.

What makes us unique?

Veldhoen + Company started off as a small sized company in the Netherlands and, although we have grown globally, we are still 100% independent and have never lost sight of our original philosophy and our original beliefs. This is what inspires our wide range of clients to work with us: from small organisations to multinationals across the globe. Our clients value our integrity and drive to achieve our goal of creating a better world of work. This motivation is what continues to drive us as a globally connected team to create a unique and better way of working for each organisation, every step of the way.

Meet our team

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