Employee as non-temporary production factor

The new city hall of the Municipality of Venlo will be officially opened on October 14, 2016. Veldhoen + Company have been involved since the vision phase and gave Cradle-2-Cradle (C2C) color with the board, the organisation and its employees.

Citizens and partners first

The core of the vision is that the City of Venlo is not there for themselves, but only for its citizens and partners. The aim of the program of work was to increase contact and collaboration with those partners by giving the employee the key responsibility to choose how. The city hall will facilitate interaction and support employees and government to excel. The goal of the new city hall is to facilitate true conversations with their citizens and various partners first.

C2C City office of Venlo

Connecting C2C to relationships

Veldhoen + Company also connected the C2C principles to the human and relationship side. If contacts are only temporary … or unilaterally the human interaction will have a lot of energy waste. The municipality of Venlo seeked to avoid this. People will be valued more for their knowledge, skills, attitude and manners and will be seen as a sustainable production factor. This positive way of thinking, together with extensive coaching and training of staff, helps power the system.

New Green Way of Working at City Office in Venlo

A new way of working

The emphasis on meeting people in the building and working within teams was born. That’s where the employee population found that the building had to support the C2C way of working. You see a lot of open connections in the building (also vertically) and around the voids of the building there is a lot of space for collaboration between people. Also on the lower floors of the new city office building, the furnishing elements, and the behaviour arrangements are designed to avoid hierarchy. It should not feel that the municipality is more important than you as a visitor or partner.


As a trainer together with experts from the municipality we created a training program in which employees could strengthen on eight subjects. This ranges from personal leadership and working methodically to flexible behaviour and remote management, powered by Activity Based Working. By not intervene obligatory and give a boost to the way of working, justice has been made to the quality of employees. Consistency in this development is very important; we now discuss this with management.

Explore more about the new sustainable people office of the City of Venlo:

The “opening” of the building is an important milestone in the C2C and flexible working journey of the City of Venlo, but only a moment in the development of their new way of working. Afterwards its time to stay on course.

Image credits: Municipality of Venlo

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