Creating a Sustainable C2C Office Environment – City of Venlo


Creating a Sustainable
C2C Office Environment

City of Venlo: the first municipality to implement the
Cradle2Cradle principle in the Netherlands.

“A new way of working, in a new city office, in a new town hall”



Municipality in the South of the Netherlands

Employee as the non-temporary production factor
980 employees

  • Citizens and partners should come first
  • To be innovative
  • Get closer to the people of Venlo

“It should not feel that the municipality is more important than you as a visitor or partner.”


The goal of the new city hall is to facilitate true conversations with their citizens and partners first. The aim is to increase contact and collaboration by giving employees the key responsibility in choosing how to do so.

If contacts are only temporary, or unilateral, the human interaction will have a lot of energy waste which they wanted to avoid. People will be valued more for their knowledge, skills, attitude and manners and will be seen as a sustainable production factor.


There are a lot of open connections in the building (not just horizontally, also vertically), around the voids of the building we’ve created a lot of space to encourage collaboration between people. Meeting people and working in teams should be stimulated.

The furnishing elements on the lowers floors of the new city office building are designed to avoid hierarchy. The citizens are the most important part, not the municipality.

The municipality of Venlo has received several nominations, awards and recommendations, not only because of their sustainable building, but also because of their efforts regarding Cradle2Cradle.

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