Fonterra’s hunt for the most effective HQ in New Zealand


Fonterra’s journey to a new workplace started more than five years ago. In their hunt for a new Headquarters Fonterra quickly realized the opportunity they had to align the way they worked to best realize their strategic, operational and cultural business strategies. This led Fonterra on a journey to not only change their address, but also how they work.

The World’s Most Trusted Source of Dairy Nutrition

Veldhoen + Company partnered with Fonterra to design the concept for a high-trust, high-performance and values focused way of working, and physical workplace.  To best enable this, Fonterra chose to embrace the philosophy of Activity Based Working tailored for their needs, and desired culture.

Through extensive business engagement Veldhoen + Company worked with Fonterra to define the Physical, Virtual, and Change Concepts for the new way of working. Working with Fonterra’s architect, Jasmax, the Physical Concept was brought to life through the design process to realisation. The new HQ was called the Fonterra Centre.

Better outcomes for farmers

By providing the physical environment, tools and support to enable a range of work styles and activities Fonterra anticipate increased productivity, engagement, business performance, and ultimately better outcomes for farmers. The new building was designed to be welcoming and to truly be a physical representation of who Fonterra are, demonstrating their story, purpose, brand and values. It has become their body language.

In addition to supporting the design of their new home, Veldhoen + Company also partnered with Fonterra to consider the change that is required to support their people to prepare for and thrive in their new way of working, and workplace.

A Jasmax reward

“Jasmax took the accolade for the over 1,000m2 Workplace category for their impressive Future of Work – Fonterra Centre headquarters in Auckland. The space focuses on the changing role of the workplace and integrates Activity Based Working and a palette of natural materials while also deftly weaving architecture, interior design, corporate and national identity into a “true testament of the designer’s deep understanding of the dairy giant’s core values, branding and its relationship with rural New Zealand.” ”

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