Lego Group Innovates Daily Work in London


Lego Group Innovates Daily
Work in London

Activity Based Working at Lego: no-one has a fixed desk anymore.

“Employees do not have a dedicated desk, their activities during the work day determine where they are – not what department they’re part of.”

Bali Padda, COO and Executive Vice President (2014)



Located in central London in a newly renovated office building

One of four hubs worldwide
200 employees

  • To increase collaboration
  • Choose where you want to work
  • One of the first to implement ABW in the UK

“For us, this is a move towards an office culture that embraces the diversity of the entire organisation.”

Bali Padda, COO and Executive Vice President (2014)


LEGO’s main strategy is to bring creativity (in the form of LEGO play experiences) to children all over the world. To do so, they needed to be present globally, to attract talent and offer that talent exciting career opportunities. One way to get there was to create global hubs, one of them in London.

This new London office created an opportunity to pilot a new way of working, ABW, which encourages collaboration and chance encounters that spark new ideas and opportunities.


The London project was realised in just over one year. After implementation LEGO left things to settle, in order to find out how people were adapting to the changes and to establish open lines of communication.

By creating flexible work zones, with no specific seating arrangements and no offices for managers, the aim is to increase collaboration. Each floor is zoned for a different set of activities and tone. Two important aspects that governed the successful implementation of the project were team empowerment and momentum.

After evaluation, a year after the opening of the new office space, that success is clear: the place is alive and buzzing with creative activity!

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