Communication at Work

Communication is the key activity that underpins all aspects of business and life in one-way or another. Even if we’re not communicating during every moment of our working day, we are typically working on something that will ultimately have to be communicated to someone, somewhere.

As such an integral part of what we do, it’s worth talking about what it really is; what are the challenges we face; and what we can do to improve as communicators. In a work context, there are three major buckets that help to compartmentalise the complexity of communication at work, these are:

1. Interpersonal communication

Understanding and improving interpersonal communication at work creates better individual outcomes and job satisfaction.

  • Being a clear communicator and creating rapid shared understanding
  • How soft skills accelerate your business and make yourself indispensable
  • Courageous conversations – maintaining relationships and transparency
  • How the physical office environment can impact communication
  • Communicating complex data insights in words and pictures
  • Communication and technology: Being more conscious about how you use technology to communicate

Communication at work

2. Internal organisational communication

Driving team and organisational effectiveness

  • Intra-team communication – team effectiveness and team interdependencies
  • Manager to employee communication and feedback
  • Employee to management communication and feedback
  • Strategy and vision communication
  • How the workplace impacts communication

3. External communication

Creating better customer journeys, of which space, tech and behavior can empower

  • Branding and positioning
  • What your space communicates to clients/customers/suppliers etc.

Each of these channels has its own set of challenges and through a series of short blogs, I will be exploring these topics in the context of communication at work; workplace culture; and the impact on personal development, leadership, and business success.


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