Cultivate your Future Workplace Vision

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Cultivate your future workplace vision

EXCLUSIVE Round Table: 19 Nov 2020  |  9am CDT  | 3pm GMT

Planning your workplace strategy is no easy feat and much consideration needs to be given to how you manage your office(s) and people today, and beyond COVID19.

As such we are facilitating a virtual roundtable to help customers navigate interim return to work plans and planning beyond COVID19. Our aim is to give you guidance so you can walk away confident to:

  • Be empowered to make critical business decisions
  • Have the tools to define a clear workplace journey
  • Understand the importance of the ‘why’ and guiding principles for the aspired way of working
  • Have the opportunity to collaborate with peers in the same predicament

It would be great to have you join us and share learnings. We only have 10 seats available, so register here as soon as you can!

Louis Lhoest, Veldhoen + Company
Lucy Fox, OpenSensors

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