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The Impact of Activity Based Working

The biggest global research project on Activity Based Working with measurable outcomes and key differentiators

As practitioners of Activity Based Working and workplace change, we are immensely passionate about creating a better world of work. Having done this for 30 years, we wanted to know if our anecdotal experience would be backed up by data research. We therefore set out searching for the measurable impact that Activity Based Working has, and drivers of success in Activity Based Working transitions.

It was a vastly different world when we started this project in July 2019. Since then, COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, especially how we work. With a reach involving 32,369 responses and spanning 11 countries, the questions we explored in addition to our Leesman® surveys, provide valuable context to understand office workers’ behaviour. In particular the question we all face now in what it might mean to go back to the office. The data tells us not only what type of workplace to return to, but also how to do so. 


A first-hand account from the research team! We held two fantastic webinars, which were the perfect chance to hear a summary of the key findings and the impact of the results from  Zoe and Robbie. If you missed them, here’s another chance to view the session.

Webinar White Paper Research


Available to read now! A snapshot of the background to our research project and the questions that drove our curiosity for researching the impact of Activity Based Working. Featuring the true differentiators that we found, and corresponding insights into the secrets to high-performing activity-based transitions.

Executive Summary The Impact of Activity Based Working

FULL WHITE PAPER | Available now to download!

Download The culmination of our work since July 2019, it truly is an exciting story to tell! Read our results in detail along with our analysis on how Activity Based Working projects differ. Along with our thorough recommendations on the best ways to address any obstacles that stand in the way of successfully designing and implementing Activity Based Working. Further demonstrated by three case studies which show how Activity Based Working has served them as a lever for organisational transformation. Download the FULL White Paper below!

White Paper Research Download

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