Importance of social moments

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The importance of social moments

This has become a time of ‘too much’. Too many hours of work, too many directions in which you’re being pulled, too much focus on the renovation of the house, or too many conversations with colleagues to feel on top of it all. The list is endless. And yet as wisdom tells it, too much is never a good thing. That’s why I suggest asking yourself each day if you’re being honest, in three simple ways. Honest to yourself, to your family and honest to your work. If the answer is no, then you can do something about it and start to reduce the feeling of it being too much.

Start by talking about it with your partner or manager. Such open and honest sharing creates dependency and connection, which in itself encourages you to still want to change things for the better.

But as well as this, there is a simple yet impactful thing we can all do, and that is scheduling social moments. We all need regular breaks, so why not regular breaks that can also be fun and social. For example if you’ve just had an intensive conversation through Teams, it could be a nice idea to take a short walk, or have a game with the kids. This would help relax you but also helps you stay connected on all three levels (yourself, family and work).

It is also important to have social moments with your team. These can be done by having real conversations about how people feel during the first 10/15 minutes of a team meeting. Where you ask how things are going at home, and give space for a

Social moments

bit of a laugh or even a tear. If you have more frequent weekly meetings with more or less the same people, schedule a three-quarterly meeting once a week to have this conversation. Just this conversation! You will see that it creates connection and gives a part of the group space and motivation to perform again.


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