Leadership Development

Leadership development expands the capability of leadership and is crucial in organisations characterised by a high level of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – most organisations, these days. Research by the Centre for Creative Leadership shows that 65% of companies with mature leadership development programs have improved business results as compared to 6% of companies without such a program. In short, leadership development is key to business success.

Creative competencies correlate with business outcomes

Analytics from the database of The Leadership Circle (TLC) shows a clear correlation between developed creative competencies and the business outcomes. By TLC’s definition, creative competencies are:

  • Relating
  • Self-Awareness
  • Authenticity
  • Systems Awareness
  • Achieving

Choice of Workplace Strategy impacts Leadership growth

Similarly, Veldhoen + Company sees a correlation between the choice of the workplace strategy and impact on leadership development. In traditional ways of working, leaders have less need for creative competencies compared with a workplace strategy such as activity-based working (ABW) that is characterised by a high level of time and place independency.

Leadership and getting your ducks in the row

100% Transparancy

Think of the challenges for a leader to create 100% transparency with his team members around outcomes; the challenge presented by not having a line of sight, the role modelling required of the leader when creating a new way of working. Activity based working requires leaders to develop the stamina to cope with some of the challenges mentioned below.

These are just a few challenges among others:

  • How do I know what my team members are doing?
  • How do I know they are working and delivering their contribution?
  • How do I know they feel well and connected to the team?
  • How do I develop the individuals to their best contribution?
  • How am I going to role model this new way of working?

Building stamina and personal growth

In building up stamina to meet these challenges, a leader will develop their own creative competencies in order to just lead themselves through this phase of ambiguity, let alone to lead their team through the change and towards higher performance, the ultimate key to business success. In this way, the activity based workplace strategy itself is a lever for developing leadership skills ensuring improved business results.

And in terms of the benefits it offers, leadership development is only the beginning.

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