Citywork London: 6th Nov 2017

Join Louis at Citywork London to hear about the Why, How and What it means to create Sustainable Organisational Change through a new way of working. With the benefits this way of thinking has brought to many well known global brands. Brands that have embarked on their own journey towards a new way of working.

Sustainable Organisational Change through a new way of working.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Humanising our offices and workplace cultures
  • A holistic approach to working life and how we adapt our habits
  • Defining new behaviours in the work environment
  • How to use workplace and technology together, to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Citywork London


  • 6th November 2017 @ 12:20pm


Citywork London

London is the economic hub of the UK and leading global financial centre. The performance of corporate entities residing in the city is absolutely crucial to the economic wellbeing of the UK. Leading global organisations recognise the importance of investment in the workforce to improve productivity, the recruitment and retention of talent and perception of the brand.

citywork London 2017 will focus precisely upon those issues and help organisations to recognise the benefits of investing in your workforce.

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