Conversations on the World of Work


Every month Veldhoen + Company host a session called: Conversations on the World of Work. These sessions discuss a number of topics that we believe are meaningful and will support the work community in creating new ideas or solutions that can contribute to a better world of work. We welcome you to join us in the dialogue to explore what is possible and create new connections.

Community of Passionate Individuals

Together, we aim to build a community of passionate individuals who are up for the challenge of tackling a wide variety of work related subjects that can help create more meaning and understanding in how we, and others, can positively impact the World of Work. Having held a few sessions so far, we have seen a dedicated community of like-minded people develop; a community that supports, encourages and shares stimulating and often provocative ideas and topics on the world of work. We are open to discussing various subjects that are suggested by you or your colleagues but aspire to focus on the human aspects of work, including topics in organisational development, human resources, learning and development, and change management.

Topics for our sessions so far;

  • #1 : Collaboration, why is it so hard? (Oct 2016)
  • #2 : Creating high performance teams starts with Trust. (Nov 2016)
  • #3 : Maintaining personal energy through work/life integration (Feb 2017)
  • #4 : How does design of the physical space impact how we interact?  (Mar 2017)
  • #5 : Self as instrument to change (May 2017)

The next Conversation Session

Session #5. We are back from our Winter Break and ready for more conversations, starting with:

Human Connection – could this be the silver bullet? The world is getting increasingly complex, business is moving and shifting at an alarmingly fast pace, start ups and industry disrupters are popping up out of nowhere. The ability to be agile, creative and flexible has never been more important. So, how do we get our static teams to operate in an agile and nimble way?

Who should attend this session ?

Organisational Development, Human Resources, Learning and Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management and Change Management professionals.

Where ? 

Chez-nous! WeWork; Level 13 @ 333 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

When ? 

We are running two dates due to popular demand, so choose between:

5th October 2017 from 16:00-18:00  &  19th October 2017 from 16:00 – 18:00

Introduce yourself and join us

Please email us your name, area of interest and explain why you’d like to join our Conversations on the World of Work sessions to receive exclusive invites to our events. We love new ideas for topics too.

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Hosts Millie Letori and Allison Tsao

The conversations will be hosted by Millie Letori and Allison Tsao. Millie and Allison bring more than 25 years combined OD, HR and Change Management experience across a wide variety of industries. They now work changing the world of work as workstyle consultants with Veldhoen + Company. Their programs of work span Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and New Zealand.

We aim to have maximum attendance of 15 people per session.

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