Why Coworking Spaces Don’t Work | SXSW AUSTIN | March 10, 2018

With the growing trend towards coworking and coworking-style offices, are we actually creating workplaces that produce happier workers? Join Luc and a panel of experts at SXSW for a discussion on Activity Based Working and its relation to coworking spaces. Investigating how coworking spaces don’t work, and yet they do.

So what can we learn and what does it mean for other organisations? This insightful workshop will explore how these spaces and modern office designs currently function and where they fall short in the quest for a high-quality work life.

Luc and the panel will share the latest learnings on what makes for productive and satisfying work, using concepts of Activity-Based Working, Applied Ergonomics, Biophilic Design, Environmental Awareness, and Human Flourishing to lead to more holistically effective work environments. Followed by an interactive dialogue comparing notes on coworking space learnings, most especially from the vantage point of the users. Small group discussions will focus on what kind of work is well-supported in coworking environments, what are the key challenges in spaces, technology, and services, and identify best practices.

Date and time: 10th March 2018, 09:30am – 11:30am

Location: Fairmont Indigo Room, 101 Red River, Austin TX 78701

SXSW Location

Registration: This session requires RSVP, and access will only be available to badge types listed under “Primary Access.” Click here for more information on the SXWX site.

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