The four phases of a New Way of Working

The approach to developing and implementing a New Way of Working (NWOW) is conducted through four methodological phases. During the first two phases, the new work style is envisioned and the concept developed and designed. The third phase is all about making the vision a reality and implementing the design. In the last phase the work style is evaluated and evolved.

At Veldhoen + Company we call this proces of creating your New Way of Working: “Uncovering your Inner Brilliance”. The four phases of a successfull NWOW implementation are:

  • (Phase 1) Create a Vision 
  • (Phase 2) Develop a Concept  
  • (Phase 3) The Implementation  
  • (Phase 4) Evaluate and Evolve

No matter what phase your organisation is currently in, we love creating a plan to move forward. Read more about our four phases model to your new way of working here. Our Activity Based Working philosophy helped more than 250+ organisations explore a better world of work.

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