What will the Future of Work look like for Government and Why?


Australian Government Procurement Week, 26th – 28th July 2017, Sydney. Hear from Gijs and an array of inspiring speakers on how to improve Government Procurement operations to maximise value for money outcomes.

Procurement managers from right across Australia’s public sector are continually striving to ensure they deliver the best value for money for tax payers and contribute to the strategic goals of their organisations. The Government expectations for expenditure and management of public funds and achieving value for money outcomes lends to public sector procurement being open to public scrutiny and accountability in ways that may be experienced in the private sector. Procurement activities of the public sector are governed by a set of general principles and legislative requirements that creates a situation which is increasingly difficult to manage, whilst expectations continue to rise.

With budgets tight at a federal, state and local level, strategic procurement has never been more important and this Summit will bring together some of the most exciting and innovative case studies – locally and internationally – with keynote presentations from leading public sector CPO’s and interactive panel discussions to address the most significant challenges procurement managers face today.

Government Procurement Week Speakers

Gijs will share ‘What will the future way of working look like and why’ (@2:10pm Day 2) 

  • Gaining insights into the future of workspace and how costs need to be future proofed
  • Analysing government take-up of future models
  • Not throwing good money after bad
  • Staff retention – a high cost to include
  • Planning the future workforce within government organisations

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Government Procurement Week Day 1Government Procurement Week Day 2Government Procurement Week Day 3

This summit is designed to help you:

  • Design stronger contract and procurement frameworks within government procurement divisions
  • Establish stronger supplier relationship partnerships to improve purchasing outcomes
  • Implement a digital strategy to maximise procurement performance and reduce costs
  • Transform government procurement operations by implementing innovation to achieve better value for money
  • Benefit from new public contract management strategies
  • Design and implement the right model to manage ICT sourcing and procurement operations
  • Implement a successful indigenous procurement strategy
  • Deliver cost saving outcomes by simplifying the procure to pay process (P2P)
  • Drive sustainability within public sector procurement operation

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Content detail and images courtesy of Akolade’s Australian Government Procurement Week website 


Feel free to contact the team at Akolade if you have any questions on the event itself, or Gijs for any questions on his topic. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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