The Future of Work 2.0 London | 25th 26th May 2017

We have been invited to speak by Work 2.0 at the Future of Work conference in London 25 and 26 May 2017.

As published by the organizers:

The UK’s definitive work, wellbeing and office tech event

The world of work has changed. Technology has evolved and in turn given rise to a global, mobile and connected workforce meaning that company cultures will comprise of a wide spectrum of attitudes from multiple generations, backgrounds and skillsets.

Future of Work London

Companies now have the potential to be more innovative than ever before. However, with the evolution of technology and attitudes comes the extinction of current business models and strategies. To survive in the new world of work, leaders must re-evaluate how they understand and invest in their assets in terms of their technology, space and people.

Work 2.0 will discuss the above and much, much more. Taking place on the 25th and 26th of May in London, the event will feature over 100 speakers from throughout Europe and beyond. The event will provide a platform for business leaders to discuss not only the workplace of the future and all that this entails, but also the crucial importance employee wellness plays within the company of tomorrow.

Speaker Louis Lhoest

Our Veldhoen + Company partner Louis Lhoest will shine a light on the newest developments in better ways of working. Find more information about the Work 2.0 speakers and registration here.

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