How do we find our real place in the workplace?

Let’s start with clarifying the difference between the terms ‘work place’ and ‘workplace’. The work place in its purely physical form is where people gather to work, and where work could be defined as the efforts of each individual completing a set of tasks to achieve a result. When we look at a team of individuals coming together, however, to take a collective approach and to generate solutions to common problems, then we see the evolution of something different; a workplace. Leading us to explore two key points in this post:

  • The true value of a workplace
  • How do we find our real place in it?

The True Value of a Workplace

As we now know, the workplace is not just about a physical space. It actually has physical, behavioural and virtual connotations. And more importantly it gives people the opportunity to come together as a community, where we define a community as a unit of any size that shares a common purpose and set of values. Within this work community, there are many individuals who are all guided by their organisation’s purpose and when this purpose is clear, team outputs are very strong and the values of individuals and organisations are aligned. It is when this state is achieved; the people of an organisation will feel empowered, trusted and have the space to be innovative. They will also have the freedom to choose how, when and where they work, making their efforts more efficient and creative.

How do we find our place in it?

Well within such a community is autonomy and a gentle balance of connection and belonging. We know that people who have high levels of autonomy in their roles often come to a natural state of wanting to connect with others, either physically or virtually. But workplaces that provide everyone in the organisation with the opportunity to connect outside of the traditional boundaries of work, help to give a natural sense of connection and a stable sense of belonging. This sense of belonging is hugely important for a person’s happiness, mental health and ability to perform either at work or at play, which in turn gives each of us the chance to be our true selves. So not only will we have the freedom to choose how, when and where we work as mentioned above, but also the freedom to communicate, collaborate, offer help, ask for help, inspire others and be inspired. In other words, the freedom to find our real place in the workplace.

Real place in the Workplace

To find our real place in the workplace is not about a physical location. Its about having a workplace with a clear organisational purpose that enables us to be true to ourselves. By having the freedom to choose how, when, where and with whom we work. In a safe, trustworthy culture and environment that inspires us to connect and empowers us to perform.

Other explanations of the what the workplace can be:

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