Just Enough Leadership, Creating the ‘Space’ Through Activity Based Working

What is it?

Activity Based Working empowers people to reflect, to learn, to iterate, to step-up, and step-back, to be intentional, to be conscious. It is naïve to expect extraordinary new results from old ways of working. So a new leadership style and psychological reality should be created without unconsciously repeating the old story. Managers should provide ´just enough leadership´ in order to encourage their employees to invest their best selves and to use their ingenuity. They should be able to provide guidance and to encourage emergent leadership from within at the same time. The concept of guided autonomy is quite challenging because they are more interested in controlling and predicting behaviour than understanding it. In this mindset freedom is seen as a problem to be managed rather than the essence of all motivation and creativity. This essence (freedom balanced with accountability) is exactly what is needed to fuel the concept of Activity Based Working.

Annual conference Virginia

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