Launching a career in a trusting organisation


Six months ago, despite having just completed a Management degree, I had no concept of the idea of Workplace Strategy and even less the idea of Activity Based Working (ABW). Now I’m working with ASX200 companies and major government organisations to conceptualise new ways of working that will fundamentally shift their organisational culture in thoroughly positive ways.

Management consultancy

During university, I badly wanted to work as some form of management consultant, drawn to the creative, project based nature of the work, with lots of variety, travel, and new challenges. The thing that terrified me was my perception of the corporate world I wanted to dive into – endless KPIs, high expectations and low clarity, hierarchy, politics, nepotism, dress codes, living for the weekend. This seemed inevitable and immutable.

Building a bright future

What I’ve found at Veldhoen + Company is that this doesn’t have to be the case. Veldhoen + Company are the mothers and fathers of ABW and they envision a brighter future built on challenging this norm and creating a way of working that is infinitely better for people and for business, and they practice what they preach.

Launching a career in a trusting organisation
Me (Hamish) working with managing partner Gijs and workstyle consultant Martijn.

Actively defining your own workstyle

Working as a junior consultant with the leading firm in the field of Workplace Strategy, I am given the space to actively learn every day, define my own workstyle, define the way I contribute, and I’m learning to bring my whole self to work. In such a small and diverse team, I feel that I can make a real impact on both our clients and the company through the skills that I already have, while being given the space and encouragement to work on the areas I want to develop.

Trust and Empowerment

The trust and empowerment I have been given to get things done wherever I am is invaluable to me. While we have access to beautiful co-working offices in busy Martin Place, I’ve written this piece from my bed, because today I feel the need to be close to the kettle and away from the throng of the city. Now, remote working is not totally unusual in today’s world of work, but what is unusual is that I am supported and trusted by my leader and my team to get my work done and manage my own workload, the quality of my output, and the face time I need from my colleagues.

All things considered, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to launch my career, and I’m excited for what the next days, months, and years will bring.

Hamish Reid
7 December 2016

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