Matrix Leadership Training for Team Connection | March 2018

Are you a leader, coach, mentor or an HR professional looking for ways to make your organisation sustainable? Is your organisation suffering from change fatigue or fragmentation due to the increasing complexity of work? Join us for a workshop in Matrix Leadership practices, March 2018.

Facilitated by Matrix Leadership Institute founder, Amina Knowlan, this highly interactive, two and a half day workshop will introduce you to a set of tools and practices to help you to access and develop profound potentials within your teams to build greater stability, cohesion, creativity and higher performance for your organisation.

Watch an interview with Amina Knowlan and Jody Gold about the Training Course:

Matrix Leadership Institute (MLI) is based in USA and, for the past decade, have been training leaders from business, education, government and community organisations to foster and promote the human side of sustainability, through building better connectivity and communication between the individuals that make up teams. The larger objective being; to move away from a culture of isolation, self-reliance and unhealthy competition, and closer to a culture of creation and collaborating with others.

As more and more of our clients transition to flexible working environments, we believe the practices Matrix teaches can enable teams to operate more optimally, with more trust and empowerment. With this deep belief, in 2017, Veldhoen + Company’s Australian team participated in the MLI training and found the experience to be game changing (Please read the testimonial below written by one of our Senior Consultants).

Why might you join us?

  • As teams generally become more distributed and virtual, leadership will be the key in sustaining performance in the digital age. This workshop will give you tangible tools and skills in communication, resilience, collaboration. Whether your role is as a leader, or you are a contributor in any team, this workshop is for you.
  • V+C and MLI believe that the skills you will learn in this workshop are the key to team cohesion and high performance.
  • MLI’s methodology is grounded in scientific research and has been developed, tested and refined over 10 years.
  • Small hands-on workshop (max 18). Guided by two highly skilled facilitators from MLI, USA. A lot of opportunity for you to experience and practice the tools for immediate application in your organisation.

Workshop details

When:  15th-17th March, 2018 (2.5 days)

Where:  Sydney CBD

Register: Click here to access our Eventbrite page

A testimonial from V+C

 We are a small boutique consulting firm where collaboration and knowledge sharing is key to how we best serve our clients and remain innovative in our industry. The pace and complexity of our work is high, and the trust and resilience of our team is the greatest asset we have to thrive in the volatile working world. We invited Matrix to come work with us in Sydney, AU after having been exposed to their work in California. The Matrix framework, simply put, is a way for teams to strengthen their relationships to work in more productive and sustainable ways. The framework is impressive in its grounding in scientific research and its simplicity in re-visiting some basic components of how humans best communicate with one another. The Matrix framework brings humanity back into the workplace, teaching simple and incremental concepts that anyone can apply and benefit from to build trusting and strong relationships.  Amina is a true treasure, she brings authenticity, compassion, and pragmatism to the way she guides teams through a matrix process. Her work with our team has transformed the way we engage with one another, build relationships, experience differences, deliver feedback, and how we view leadership. The only way to truly understand the impact of the Matrix work is to trust in the process and experience it for yourself. This work has not only benefited our organisation, it has greatly impacted our ability to show up as better versions of ourselves in all areas of life. Our team is truly grateful for the time Amina and her team have spent with us, and we continue to use matrix practices in our lives every single day.                   Allison Tsao, Senior Consultant

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