Leveraging Workplace Design for High Impact and Meaningful Change


Join Luc and Allison in Chicago at The 2017 OD INNOVATING FOR IMPACT network annual conference

How can we think differently about our work, not as intervention but rather as innovation and delivering impact.

The physical workplace has typically been viewed as a sunk cost managed by real estate, disconnected from the business and from OD. However, what if the workplace could be a catalyst to ignite a new way of working and enable a company’s vision and strategy?

OD Network 2017

Luc and Allison will share insights on leveraging the workplace as a strategic enabler through Activity Based Working (ABW). Activity Based Working was born in Europe 26 years ago to disrupt our existing work paradigms and provide employees with the freedom to work anywhere, anyhow and anytime. With the changing nature of work and enabling IT tools, our current work paradigms no longer serve us. In rethinking the way we work, ABW leverages the workplace as one of the most tangible and powerful levers for change.

This session will help OD practitioners answer the call of our time, to innovate beyond the traditional scope of OD by exploring change through the intersection of workplace design and culture.


  • Tuesday 17th October @08:00am


  • Loews Chicago O’Hare, Chicago, Illinois, USA

The 2017 OD Network Annual Conference will bring together OD professionals and leading academics to address the specific and relevant needs of industry professionals at this evidence-based, interactive and engaging event. Be part of the innovation in OD! 

Click here to be directed to the OD Network website to reserve your tickets! Simply Register as a User and click to Join the mailing list before buying tickets. You don’t need to become an OD Network Member to be able to attend this event.

Otherwise if you have any questions, send them to us using the form below or you can always give Allison or Luc a call.

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