ABW Masterclass | 2018 – 3 keys to achieving real ABW success

Our 26 years of experience has taught us a great deal about the opportunities and challenges of new ways of working, and in the ABW Masterclass, 2018 we will deep dive into the three key areas that organisations should focus on to ensure their transition to ABW is a success: 

  1. Leadership engagement and role modelling
  2. Team cohesion and connection
  3. Sustaining transformational change (and the difference between change management and transformational change)

We have created the ABW Masterclass 2018 with a singular objective: To share and facilitate an understanding around what it truly takes to make ABW a success. We often hear that people “know what ABW success is” and, probably even more commonly hear the cry of how ABW has failed or generated “problems” in their organisations. Granted, making ABW a success takes hard work and a long-term commitment, and inevitably there will be set-backs and unanticipated obstacles, but a successful ABW program is well within reach and offers an incredible opportunity… but it requires developing specific skills to remain focused and resilient through those set-backs.

Our ABW Masterclass 2018 has been designed to equip participants with the tools, skills and practices needed to remain focused and resilient through the change.

Many organisations who decide to implement ABW do so from a solution mindset. They seek to “install” ABW design principles and physical settings while ignoring the true success criteria – creating sustainable culture change. Ask anyone on our V+C team what working by the ABW philosophy means to them and you will hear sentiments such as “freedom”, “empowerment”, and “trust”. Well, you can imagine, to realise any one of these deeply sought-after sentiments requires much more than a conversation around furniture.

Our ABW Masterclass 2018 will prepare you to have the meaningful conversations that underpin sustainable culture change in your organisation.

The ABW Masterclass 2018 is a Sydney based two-day event in March. In it you will experience a rich program that includes talks, tours and hands-on workshops, backed by our experience of working with 350+ global organisations.

We sincerely want your ABW program to be a success, so invite you to join us for the ABW Masterclass 2018 to learn how.

Please visit here for more details. Spaces are limited to 15 participants, and we highly recommend joining with a colleague or two to share learnings and insights during and after the masterclass within your organisation. Still have questions? Contact me at allison@veldhoencompany.com or Nicky Marshall at nicky@veldhoencompany.com.

We hope you will join us!

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