Smarter Environments, Bigger Headaches? NY | 8th March 2018

An EXCLUSIVE Serraview breakfast and panel discussion, by Serraview New York, on “Smarter Environments, Bigger Headaches? Striking the balance between data, space planning & employee wellness”.

Serraview March 2018

Luc Kamperman will join panellists Ben Gress from Wells Fargo and Melissa Marsh from Savillis Studley & PLASTARC on Thursday, March 8th at 8:30am EST. This expert panel will share firsthand how today’s most innovative minds are tackling IoT overload – how much data is too much data? Which data is the right data to create an effective modern workplace? Where’s the balance between data and employee wellness?

In particular:

  • How leading enterprises are building balance between technology & their workforce
  • How to elevate your data streams to build your modern workplace
  • Ideas for enabling your workforce through your IoT

Panel of speakers:

Serraview March 2018 event

This is an exclusive event being held by Serraview, but if you would like to know more about these events and to be informed please contact us or register your interest here.

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