Our top 5 ABW articles in 2016


2016 was a great year for Activity Based Working and New Ways of Working. The attention and need for more agile and flexible offices increased in 2016. We have seen more visitors (ánd clients), exploring flexible workstyles and agile offices. People from organisations in Japan, United States, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Norway, are intrigued by the philosophy of Activity Based Working, among others.

The actual number of offices and workplaces we analysed and helped evolve also continued to grow. We embrace all people, and management cultures that opened up their employee potential and contributed to a positive change in our world of work. We continue to search for those, who are not ready yet, but might want to reflect.

In order to created an even better year in 2017. We have selected the top 5 most read and best converting articles in 2016 that might help you find direction in the near future.

5. Mergers & Acquisitions

You open up a (financial) newspaper, and you can see, read and hear about organisations taking over other organisations. Mergers between equals, city councils combining forces, big corporates taking over start-ups or competitors. Acquisitions and mergers are both part of our personal and working life; but how do you merge a culture and expect people to work together? Let alone improve customer service. Find out more in Luc Kamperman’s article: “ABW, a Game Changer for mergers and acquisitions“.

4. Helping Leaders to Transform

In our line of work, we often encounter resistance, which is good but not always approached in the best way. So how do we manage change and transformation within your team? In this article, Allison Tsao offers tips for leaders who are facing resistance. Another helpful article that might help you or other leaders in the right direction; “So you’re leading a team through ABW“.

3. Flexibility in Organisations

People are searching for more purpose and flexibility in their jobs. That’s all fine. But what does that mean for an organisation and should leadership comply?! 5 reasons why a flexible organisation can help you grow into the 21st century.  An article by Millie Letori, one of our workstyle consultants working from Australia. Flexibility, why is it such a big deal? 

2. The Weekend will Disappear

And that is a good thing. But what do trust, psychological safety and empowerment have in common with a disappearing weekend. Read the full story about the weekend disappearing right here: “Why I think the Weekend will Disappear (And Why I love it)“. Practice what you preach and invite others to do the same. You will never work a day in your life.

1. Analysing the Workspace

In our line of work, we analyse offices, workplaces and workspaces. But what creates a great office? Occupancy rates, efficiency, the best possible utilisation or none of the above. In our best article of 2016 Aron talks about the why behind our workplace meausurements : “Why do we measure workplace utilisation?” Enjoy the read.

Have a great 2017

We hope you enjoyed all our stories about the world of work in 2016. If you are curious about other stories, workplace analysis, employee empowerment or just want to have a cup of coffee. We are always open for a conversation, anytime, anywhere.

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