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In almost 30 years of helping more than 300 organisations move, refurbish and relocate to new office spaces we, at Veldhoen + Company, have learned many things. One of the most important being; people like to be well-informed before they move. In other words, they like to know what they can expect of their future workspace.

It is a significant transformation, which can at times be scary for the people in your organisation. So having honest conversations with your employees about what you want to achieve as an organisation, long before you move office, is imperative.

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3 important office relocation lessons learned

As part of this, here are 3 recommendations from the lessons we have learnt as the global workplace strategists that can help make your office move effective and pleasant:

  1. Understand what people do every day

In order to build your future workplace its vital to understand what people do every day. It might seem obvious what people do, but a Workstyle survey which analyses the current activities of your workforce will give you a much clearer understanding of what your colleagues spend their day doing.

Next to this activity analysis, conducting a workplace utilisation study will measure the current workplace efficiency and how your workplace supports your current way of working. This provides the hard data you need to understand the reality of your organisation today, so that you can accommodate it better in the future.

  1. Brief the people that will support you

Managing a program of work as big as an office move or refurbishment is no small task. Working across a group of people, with different backgrounds and catering to their different requirements, is a complex job. Which is why we recommend starting with a clearly articulated understanding of why you are making the change. It is important for many reasons but, not least of all, it will help you reflect and explain to your most important stakeholders the ‘why’ of your new working space.

  1. Ask what people feel and think after they moved in

For every employee, CEO or manager, the move will have a different impact. The change in workstyle will call for new management styles, and understanding the impact that these will have on every individual, is crucial to enable your organisation to prosper.

Reviewing past surveys and having new honest conversations with your colleagues about how they are feeling after the move will provide the necessary checks and balances to keep your future decisions on track to create a better workplace. 

Your program of work will exceed expectation

Based on our (average) experience more than 90% of the people who have changed to a successful ABW environment enjoy the new workstyle and don’t want to move back to their old way of working. They consider their world of work is better.

So if you’re considering an office relocation, or are redefining your workplace strategy, its important to remember that each of these lessons have involved people. Its not just about the building. Its your approach and your unique stamp on your new way of working that will create something with purpose and meaning for everyone in your organisation.

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