Veldhoen + Company opens an office in New York!


We are delighted to announce that Veldhoen + Company has expanded to open a new office in New York, United States. After having serviced a few clients in North America we decided to have local presence there and so another new venture begins.

Luc Kamperman, who also successfully set up the Veldhoen + Company office in Sydney, is now working out of Brooklyn, New York and shares his thoughts on his exciting new move:

Veldhoen + Company USA

Luc: “Brooklyn has a nice upcoming vibe and it’s a great area to live. Brooklyn also has a Dutch heritage to it” (i.e. the first settlers were Dutch and named it after the city of Breukelen in The Netherlands). “I’ll be working from WeWork co-working locations as well as from home. In the first instance supporting our global clients who are based in North America, but also doing some market research to understand the local market better and to make ourselves known”.

Over the past few years Luc has already been working with North American companies such as Merck (Kenilworth, New Jersey), a large retail bank in Toronto, and GLG in New York with Clive Wilkinson, who also worked with us on the first ABW project in Australia: One Shelley Street Macquarie Bank.

GLG New York ABW GLG New York Bloomberg

(images courtesy of GLG New York)

Luc: “it’s an exciting time to introduce Activity Based Working to the North American market. As a totally independent niche player we feel comfortable we can support organisations in the best way to leverage their way of working to increase employee engagement and productivity. Our projects in Europe, Australia and Asia have proven the success of ABW. We would like to build on that foundation”.

If you’d like to know more about the opportunities of Activity Based Working in US don’t hesitate to contact Luc on +1 929 437 9290 or

We’ll be sharing more news and videos from Luc in the coming months, so join our newsletter to keep posted on what’s happening! In the mean time, here are more stories and events that may interest you:


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