Executive Webcast: Flexible Working Beyond the Policy


HRPA of Canada hosts an Executive Webcast with Luc Kamperman. Flexibility. It’s one of the most cited expectations of employees at present, yet in some organizations, it’s also one of the most complex.

  • Why do people want it and why should employers provide it?
  • What exactly does flexibility mean?
  • What is the impact on team connection and connection to the organization’s strategic and operational objectives?
  • How can we make flexibility work such that both individual and organizational needs are met?


Excerpt courtesy of HRPA

Veldhoen + Company are international thought leaders on flexible ways of working – and they’ve learned a thing or two over the past 26 years. In this session, they will be sharing their learnings on all of the above and providing insights and practical tips on how to make flexible working successful at an operational level.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize what is meant by flexibility in the work place and able to describe the concept to colleagues
  • Define why flexibility is important right now
  • List the benefits of extending flexibility to employees and contrast that with the risks doing so and not doing so
  • Recognize what it takes to leverage value from providing greater flexibility and ovoid the risks of losing connection across teams and with organizational objectives, vision and values.

Who should attend?

HR and Organizational Development professionals, Change Managers, and those tasked with exploring increasing flexibility in an organization (i.e. flexible working programs, or flexible workplace programs).

Date, time and registration

Main Speaker: Luc Kamperman

Luc holds a Master in Business Management and focuses on effective transitions to future workstyles, primarily from a business and change perspective. With 15 years experience as a strategic workplace consultant working with numerous global clients in Europe, Australia and North America.

Luc believes that every employee can, and should be trusted to perform at their best and that leaders are responsible for the sustainable growth of employees. This is key to unlocking true discretionary effort and sustainable engagement. He inspires organisation’s leaders towards their own workstyle vision, and helps formulating a holistic flexible workplace design (spanning people/tech/space) and facilitates it’s development and implementation. Luc’s motto is “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”

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