WorkTech Singapore – What do millennials really want?

Worktech Singapore 2018 was dedicated to topics like technology, leadership practices and digital transformation in workplace. Our team in Singapore hosted two very interesting sessions.

Our partner, Iolanda Meehan facilitated a session on ‘Why trust and workplace transformation go hand in hand’. She talked about how important it is in today’s world to create a flexible environment that gives everyone the freedom and power of choice to support them in their work. Along with this, a good leader who leads by example and inspires others in moving forward is essential for an organization to flourish.

Another interesting and unusual topic was a panel discussion with 4 millennials from different industries talking about ‘New ways of Working’. When we talk about millennials, we often make our own assumptions of what they like at workplace, how they work and why they change jobs so frequently. This discussion helped us and the audience understand about the ‘WHY’ behind every thought related to workplace that the millennials have. A lot of misconceptions were cleared among the audience due to this discussion. It was refreshing to hear about the views and opinions around it as the topic was so unusual.