Veldhoen + Company

An organisation we believe in

Veldhoen + Company have been evolving new ways of working for 25 years. That’s a quarter of a century of innovation. As the founder of Activity Based Working (ABW), we’re proud to say our innovation grows from working with interesting clients and getting the chance to create tailormade solutions rather than a ‘one size fits all’. Otherwise how would we feed our own passion and enthusiasm in this ever-changing world of new ways of working.

We offer a combination of leadership coaching, and consultancy on change management, the physical space and the virtual space, creating the perfect perspective for any organisation. So whether it’s about analysis, training, process consulting, coaching or programs of requirement, in the field of Activity Based Working we are your party.

Who are we?

Since 1990 we have become the global market leader. Starting from our head office in the Netherlands and with offices now in Sydney, London, Stockholm, New York and Singapore we cover projects across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australiasia. And there’s more to come ….

We have come from a small size company, and although we continue to grow we haven’t lost sight of our original philosophy and the beliefs that drive us to create a better way to working for each and every unique organisation that we work with.

Consisting of 30 employees, we share this passion with several partners who collaborate closely with us in making each project a reality.
So what makes us unique? We are 100% independent, giving each client the best advice that works for them. And not only are we celebrating our 25th year of Activity Based Working and creating better ways of working for organisations, its also the only thing we do!

As a small company with global reach, we continually strive for what is better which includes the highest ambition of Activity Based Working.

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