Activity Based Working is not one destination on a map to where all roads lead, as each organisation is unique in what they do and what they need. Just as you, as an organisation, will determine where you want to get to through your vision, Veldhoen + Company will draw the best route to this destination and will work with you to guide you there.

Although each journey will be unique, we have identified four goals that organisations can choose from when considering their new way of working.

Discover more about Flexible Work Environments, Work Place IndependecyDeveloped and Network Organisations below.

A flexible work environment with matching behaviour

Goal: Saving square meters and reducing costs

There are simply fewer work points offered than there are employees. The work points are of the same type and transparency is greatly increased, especially since the occupation of workplaces should be visible.

The change in the way we work however is limited and employees may feel the affects of not having enough choice in how and where they choose to do their work effectively.

A work system for time- and place-independent work

Goal: More freedom of choice in combination with cost savings

Activity based work points are offered and the number of work points is less than the number of employees. Open and closed spaces alternate. The look and feel are determined by floor, or by grouping of work points.

Employees need to choose a work point fit to the activity they are going to do, and so need to plan their work. Next to making rules about the use of the environment, a statement from the management team is needed in support. Because of its simple change management approach this working system has a high chance of success.

A developed organisation where trust and sharing are key

Goal: Organisational change, often to collaborate better

The building is organised per functionality and floors are filled with a basic type of work point appropriate to that function. Employees consciously choose what to do and with whom, and organise it per day or week. The focus on the team / department disappears in the environment but the required various forms of collaboration are facilitated.

The change in how we work is greater and requires clarity about the desired way of working for the organisation. Along with a high degree of connection and security, it increases engagement and means something for team maturity.

A network organisation where employees and teams take initiative

Goal: To take in organisational changes at every level

The environment encourages depth of conversation through collaboration and engagement. The building is functional, but also takes into account the ongoing need for change. Employees and teams will be encouraged to take the initiative. This requires a limited (mandatory) organisational format, with a low-impact of management and a high degree of feedback within the organisation.

The maturity of the organisation is high, and employees prosper because they continuously use and develop their own core competencies. In such a change, the journey is as important as the result.