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New Future of Work 

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A changing world of work

We are going through a frightening, powerful and transformative time right now – as individuals, families, organisations, and as societies. World events have changed the course of our lives in the past, and there is no doubt the recent COVID-19 outbreak will do the same.

It is a very different world of work now, and how we all go about our work is new.

A lot of it is new for us too and we are learning together. Having spent 30 years helping organisations adopt new ways of working, we at Veldhoen + Company have the capabilities to navigate these uncertain times for ourselves and with our clients. We are passionate about continuing to support our local and global communities as much as we can through this change to a new world of work.

So, over the coming weeks and months, we will support you in making sense of this situation, by sharing our thinking and practices here on our site. You can follow our updates via social media, or subscribe to our newsletter below. We will be hosting a webinar in the coming weeks, so register below to keep connected on finding out more.

We know this is a new future and it is one that we will all contribute to. Together we’re remotely creating a New Future of Work.

Everyone @Veldhoen + Company

Webinar | Team connection as a way to thrive in isolation

.vc_custom_1589271666929 { } #text-block-5ed3e5cdcad15 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } Nurturing team connection as a way to thrive in isolation WEBINAR NOW FINISHED  |  SHORTENED SLIDE DECK AVAILABLE .vc_custom_1589271675029 { } {{ vc_btn:title=REQUEST+SLIDE+DECK+BELOW&style=flat&shape=square&color=white&size=lg&align=right&el_class=veldhoen-btn-red&link=url%3A%2523registerform%7C%7C%7C }} .full-width-5ed3e5cdca77e { min-height:100px; margin-bottom:0px; background-color:#f4f4f4; } .full-width-5ed3e5cdca77e .page-section-content { padding:0px 0 50px; } #background-layer--5ed3e5cdca77e { ; background-position:left top; background-repeat:repeat; ; } #background-layer--5ed3e5cdca77e .mk-color-layer { [...]

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Webinar (English): Leading distributed teams in Japan

#text-block-5ed3e5cdd4da4 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } Webinar (English) The Coronavirus outbreak pulled the need for remote working, or 在宅勤務, into the spotlight. Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has called on companies to find ways to let employees work remotely and set a target of 70 percent fewer commuters. Large corporates in Japan led the way [...]

Now it’s our turn: Experiencing workplace transformation at rapid speed

#text-block-5ed3e5cdd805a { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } Now it's our turn Experiencing workplace transformation at rapid speed #text-block-5ed3e5cdd8425 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } Like it did for so many teams across the globe, March 2020 has hit us like a jolt. In 10 days, we moved from a flexible way of working that supported working from home, to [...]

Planning activities and tasks as a family

#text-block-5ed3e5cddc166 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } Planning activities and tasks as a family The government measures for us in The Netherlands, as in many other countries, have been extended and we'll be at home for a while longer. At home for work, for teaching our children, for raising our children, for sports, for having fun... for [...]

Importance of social moments

#text-block-5ed3e5cddf290 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } The importance of social moments This has become a time of 'too much'. Too many hours of work, too many directions in which you're being pulled, too much focus on the renovation of the house, or too many conversations with colleagues to feel on top of it all. The list [...]

Remote Working Tips

#text-block-5ed3e5cde2192 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } Remote Working Downloadable tips from our team in Singapore The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way we work around the world. Most employees have suddenly found themselves working from home and collaborating with their teams virtually. Something of a challenge when forced to adopt to this way of working overnight, [...]

The right level of freedom

#text-block-5ed3e5cde4d5f { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } The right level of freedom With freedom comes responsibility. And not everyone has the same level of freedom available to them in their work and in their life. So after these challenging times, Tim has an inspiring and thought-provoking question for everyone to consider. Share with us what you think @VeldhoenCompany #NewNormal #NewFutureofWork. [...]

What’s our new reality?

#text-block-5ed3e5cde787c { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } What's our new reality? Although we've been working remotely for many years, what happens when the choice of where we work is suddenly restricted? We'd like to share what it means for us and the new challenges we're now discovering. We'll add more to this page, but if anything resonates [...]

Working remotely effectively

#text-block-5ed3e5cdebff0 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } Working remotely effectively Working from home once a week is something almost anyone can do. But for a full week or several weeks in a row, that's a different story. Roel shares his experience of over 20 years on how to maintain productivity, connection and motivation. With 3 steps that will [...]

What is the New Future of Work?

#text-block-5ed3e5cdeeb73 { margin-bottom:0px; text-align:left; } What is the New Future of Work? Large, global events change the course of history at least once in a generation. COVID-19 is one of those events. And in changing the course of history, it will change our collective futures. At Veldhoen + Company, we work with organizations across the [...]

Webinar 21st May 2020: Team Connection

Learn how to Nurture team connection as a way to thrive in isolation.

Choose one of two webinars on 21st May 2020


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