Most organisations introducing Agile working fail to realise the full potential of it. They do not support Agile teams with the right tools, work environment and ways of working to let them thrive as a team and as individuals.

Veldhoen + Company have done recent studies with high performing Agile teams, analysed their activities, the way they do them, and how they are supported. This analysis has generated new insights for how to support Agile teams to perform to the best of their abilities.

In this session we will share our experience and insights.

What to expect

This interactive session reveals how you can support the activities and dynamics of Agile teams in a way that leads to high performance and high people engagement.


  • an interactive digital session
  • to hear our learnings from studying the activities performed by Agile teams
  • to see the holistic approach that support these activities
  • a digital copy of the sessions’ output
  • a multimedia ibook about Activity Based Agile

Meant for

This is a sharing and learning event meant for CIOs, leader roles in Agile teams, HR leaders, heads of People Experience, and business leaders who want to increase performance and employee satisfaction by applying an Agile way of working to their organisation.

When is it?

Thu. 29 November 2018,

8:15 am – 10:30 am GMT


Where is it?

TOG, Liverpool St

50, Liverpool Street

London EC2M 7PR



Gail’s Bakery breakfast buffet provided


Book here at Eventbrite

Tickets limited to 12.



Jamesina Sainsbury (Managing Partner UK) & Louis Lhoest (Managing Partner International)

Event Sponsors

Nureva (distributed by Ascentae)


Please contact Jamesina or Louis if you have any further questions.

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