On Wednesday November 27th, the Dutch team held a highly engaging seminar on Activity Based Working (ABW) and Agile working. Several experts shared their insights on both ABW and Agile and the participants were put to work through some interesting interactive exercises.

“You’ll be going home with more questions than you came with” says Roel Geenen, Managing Partner of Veldhoen + Company. But first, to share the differences, similarities and possible combinations of the working concepts, Geenen shared the philosophy of Agile and Activity Based Working with Gidion Peters, owner of Organize Agile.

4 key areas to explore

So what were the key areas of Activity Based Working and Agile that the participants wanted to explore and learn about? Each participant noted their preconceptions and questions during an exercise. Then in a few short rounds these thoughts were exchanged, discussed and assessed. In the end, four key areas with the most votes remained:

  • How do you create an optimal working environment for groups that work Agile, within a working environment where ABW is implemented?
  • How do you deal with the field of tension between the team’s interests and the individual’s interests in a working environment with both Agile and ABW aspects?
  • Where are the biggest differences between Agile and ABW?
  • (How) can Agile and ABW be combined?

The participants were divided into groups, each of which dealt with one of the topics in question . Through the lens of considering the “What” (what is the question?), the “So what” (what does that mean on the different levels?: individual, team, leaders and organization) and the “Now what” (what does that mean for the division of space and time?). Anneline van der Zon, expert in Agile work environments, and Aron Wuarbanaran, Workstyle Consultant, then led the participants in sharing their discussions which inspired more questions and discussions.

Sharing the knowledge

It became clear during the networking drinks that followed that people would indeed be returning home with more curiosity and questions than they had arrived with. So with lots of interesting knowledge being shared and gathered, we will be writing white-papers on each of these key issues above. If you’d like to learn more and receive these via email, please leave your details below.

For more about this project please contact Roel Geenen, Aron Wuarbanaran

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