Veldhoen + Company started working with Scotiabank 2.5 years ago, to support an ambitious project to consolidate 27 locations into a 4 building campus. The “Way We Work” programme (known as W3) is now mid-way through its rollout, which will eventually transform the working day of over 12.000 employees. The scope includes implementing activity-based working, wi-fi, more flexible working and replacing desk phones with softphones. The supporting change programme has been identified internally as one of the best implementations the bank has ever done and the bank recently decided to implement a localised version of W3 outside of Canada, again with the support of Veldhoen + Company.

In this video Gus Scaiano of Scotiabank, VP Workplace Transformation, speaks at the Your Workplace conference which took place earlier this year. He elaborates on how Scotiabank changed the way they work, not just where they work, and the journey they’ve been on. It’s an inspiring story on how ABW changed the way of working at Scotiabank. Gus was the one in the lead during the entire process.

Quick facts

  • Consolidation from 27 building to 4 buildings
  • 12,500 employees directly affected (over 4 years)
  • Scope included real estate, technology and behavioural changes e.g. flexible working, softphone, unassigned desk
  • 91% would not choose to return to traditional working



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