CHO Spring Summit 2021

Changing Organizations and Leaders: Human Resource Strategies for the New Normal

Mr. Yokomizo, General Manager of the Project Sales Promotion Department of our partner company, Itoki Corporation, delivered a presentation titled “What HR needs to know about Activity Based Working (ABW)” at CHO Spring Summit 2021.

He talked about how Activity Based Working (ABW) is attracting attention as a new way of working in the new normal era, his experience of introducing ABW in his company and it is connected to the mission of the HR department such as improving Employee Satisfaction impacting employees’ wellbeing, and securing and developing human resources.

Video message from Iolanda Meehan, Veldhoen + Company Managing Partner, APAC

“ABW and HR are inseparable.”

Iolanda Meehan, Managing Partner, APAC spoke about the importance the role of HR plays in the implementation of ABW. The messages in the video have touched on the global trends in HR, hybrid ways of working, and how to measure productivity in the workplace. This is especially recommended for all who are considering the New Future of Work.

The essence of ABW is not about buildings or workplaces, it’s about the way we work. Of course, you need a work environment and IT environment to implement ABW, but the foundation of ABW implementation is thinking about how people should work. That’s why it’s essential for us to collaborate with the HR department when we are involved in a project.”

Iolanda Meehan, Managing Partner APAC

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