In recent years, Veldhoen + Company the Netherlands have made a huge shift in the way we support organizations in their transition towards a more effective workstyle. Our common practice was to start by developing a new (flexible) work environment and then creating a new workstyle. Nowadays however, we start by creating workstyle-profiles and only when these new profiles have been created, we help organizations to develop a new work environment that fits their new way of working. This way we are able to create tailor-made, yet flexible office concepts while at the same time supporting organizations to truly change the way they work.

But how do we do this?

Our keyword is: self-awareness. For people to change, they first need to be self-aware as to how they currently work and what the consequences are of their current behaviors on both their personal and their teams’ effectiveness. Using our newly developed Work Dynamics Scan® we’re able to uncover the true nature of people’s work and reveal similarities and differences between different (groups of) people in the organization. By reflecting these results to the organization, we create a high level of self-awareness on the status quo (a.k.a. their current way of working). By thoroughly discussing the challenges these groups of people currently face in their work, we come to potential solutions in both the way of working and the work environment.

In this way, there’s a clear direction for the new office concept and people will understand this new concept more readily, because they are aware of how they aspire to work. Next to bringing change management to the start of our concept development projects, we’ve also developed new interactive, multimedial change interventions – such as: simulation games, e-modules and live training sessions – to help organizations take the next step in implementing a more effective and flexible way of working.

Keen to hear more? Drop us a line, we’re always happy to share!

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