Within all organisations lies a better way  to operate, however it can be hard  to know what that might look like and  even harder to know how to go about discovering it and making it happen. The process and journey that we have created through Activity Based Working can reveal the brilliant potential of your company that until now exists hidden away, waiting to be discovered and crafted. Uncovering your inner brilliance is the goal.

The approach to developing and implementing Activity Based Working (ABW) is conducted through four methodological phases. During the first two phases, the new work style is envisioned and the concept developed and designed. The third phase is all about making the vision a reality and implementing the design. In the last phase the work style is evaluated and evolved.

At Veldhoen + Company we call this proces “Uncovering your Inner Brilliance”. The four phases of a successfull ABW implementation are:

(Phase 1) Create a Vision

The first Vision phase focuses on inspiring and guiding the leadership to define the opportunities they need to seize and the challenges they need to overcome. Veldhoen + Company guide leaders in identifying the aspirations that will enable them to tackle the opportunities and challenges and enable a new way of working. Decision-making is also informed by analysis of workplace utilisation and current activities versus desired workplace activities.

(Phase 2) Develop a Concept

The concept phase is all about translating the Aspirational Brief to co-develop the detailed concept plans to make this a reality. Through intensive working with the business and collaborators (e.g. architects, project managers), this co-creating process seeks to build capability and expertise within the project team and organisation. Specific attention is directed towards leaders to coach them through the individual change journey as well as to support and prepare them in leading the change.

(Phase 3) The Implementation

Phase 3 focuses on supporting the organisation through the desired behavioural and cultural change with a focus on the change management process to ensure that the program aspirations are met. In addition, construction, and IT roll out and implementation are supported. Leveraging our implementation experience with numerous organisations helps to fast track issue resolution, assist with resistance management, and facilitate collaborative solutions to challenges faced by each work stream.

(Phase 4) Evaluate and Evolve

The last phase strives for continuous improvement and applying lessons learned through assessing the success of the implementation and helping the organisation solve for operational challenges and change management hurdles. Initial focus will be on some direct problem solving regarding the usage of tools and the new environment.

No matter what phase your organisation is currently in, we love creating a plan to move forward. Our Activity Based Working philosophy helped more than 250 organisations explore a better world of work.

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