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I am pleased to see that more and more organisations in the world see HR, FM and RE as guiding principles for THE organisation of the future.

With large budgets they can not only hire or train the best people, but also build the best buildings. In fact, they have the change instrument of the 21st century in their hands. So what is the one unique element you can change to create an organisation of the future?

After all, it is not technology that we can influence. It is the motivated person who is self-aware and really wants to contribute to the goal of the organisation that counts. Technology, like housing, is an important tool in this, but it is also available to everyone in the same size and type. Uniqueness in this field almost no longer exists because of its rapid development and our perceived dependence. Human beings, however, are unique.

My call is therefore to put on a different pair of glasses. Glasses through which you see the real positive unique characteristics of that human being. And let’s organise people to make their own choices based on those characteristics and to proudly achieve maximum performance.

Technology and the work environment can help. After all, they facilitate that unique person to come into contact with others, to pursue personal effectiveness and to get what’s really there. These tools are what will help people flourish and reduce the pressure between work/life and social life.

Let people flourish is my motto, then the organisation becomes richer…..

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