Using Online Learning to support the change

Helping your people thrive is our business. New ways of working offer great opportunities to the organisation and its people. But we also recognise the change to a new way of working can be a source of anxiety and insecurity for many people. This change challenges old behaviours, habituated from working in a certain way, and the sudden loss of “my own desk” can be destabilising. This sense of loss can extend to a loss of team connection, a loss of professional direction… a loss of identity.

As a leader, what can you do to mitigate against this anxiety?

Generally, people have a deep desire to thrive. Thriving enables them to feel competent, trust themselves and be accountable to others. Nurture your people and build competence in working in a new way, and you will set them (and your org) up for success; you will set them both up to thrive.

Convenient, self-directed learning

Through MOOCs, etc, online learning has become the go-to for gaining new skills and improved performance.  Adults are generally motivated to learn on a need-basis. They seek the information and skills to thrive when they need it. That is why on-demand online medium is perfect. It doesn’t replace face-to-face training, coaching or mentoring but it does provide an excellent foundation from which to further build people’s competency.

With this in mind and drawing on 30 years’ experience in new ways of working, Veldhoen + Company have developed these engaging and interactive online courses (with more to come!)

    • Intro to Activity Based Working/New Ways of Working
    • How to become more paper independent
    • Etiquettes
    • Getting Ready for the Move
    • Working in Mobile/Dispersed Teams
    • Leading Mobile /Dispersed Teams


Infographic: 4660 started courses, 3174 completed courses, 1238 hours spent learning

Customisable and Relevant

If you are doing a change program with us, or if you are doing your own, these courses are available to you. Whichever is the case, this is your change-campaign and we want you to thrive in it. Which is why we offer you ownership of the online learning and plenty of flexibility to make them relevant:

    • We will customise them with your brand identity, tone-of-voice and language.
    • You can get us to change content to the degree you feel necessary.
    • We will also build courses from scratch to meet your needs but also bringing our expertise.
    • The courses are available to your organisation through your own LMS or ours.

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Coming soon – NEW COURSE

How to manage flexwork/working from home. Please register your interest in this course here:

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