We all know stories about how some of the best ideas have come by accident – in the morning in the shower or during unintentional encounters wit h colleagues at the end of the day. We also know that some times we are more productive – for example if we can concentrate without visual and acoustical disturbance. In these situations we find ourselves in the right environment, in the right attitude, and with the right colleagues around us. We are in a state of flow.

Strategic accommodation and ‘flow’

Corporate real estate departments have traditionally focused on office location, return on investment and managing operational expenses for the organisation that requires accommodation. In addition, the work that goes on in the buildings must be supported efficiently. Work environments often used to be designed to suit the size of the organisational units that inhabited them, and modified when the work or structures changed. In the past twenty years, however, organisations have come to view their accommodation increasingly as a strategic issue, with the focus being on the work style. This focus goes beyond merely having a satisfactory indoor climate and appealing design. The emphasis lies much more on what people do inside and outside buildings: what activities take place there that produce distinctive results? And what workstyle best suits what the organisation wants to be and what it hopes to mean to its clients?

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People organise their own flow

People organise their own flow

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