Organizations are eager to reach the finish line and declare a clear plan for their hybrid future of work but can’t seem to move common roadblocks in their path such as: 

  • Glaring misalignment between leader expectations and staff plans for time in the office. 
  • On-site events meant to “create spark” that soon fizzle into low-impact, non-inclusive moments.  
  • Ongoing disruptions and uncertainties undermining leaders’ plans to endorse necessary experimentation, evaluation, and learning to figure out their hybrid strategy. 

As external advisors, we can help you see what’s missing. Get in touch to discuss how we can we help you navigate, evaluate, and ideate!

Here are some strategies and steps teams can take to leap over these hybrid hurdles:

Embrace candid conversations

Instead of asking, “how do we do hybrid?”, start with a candid conversation to clarify what you are really trying to solve for beyond just making hybrid work “work”.  For example, is the current approach rooted in simply assuaging fears or does it support lasting culture change?

TIP! Hybrid working isn’t just remote and virtual styles merged into one. It requires new skills for both teams and managers. Guided learning programs like our hybrid training modules can help your organization skip the hybrid growing pains and build an effective hybrid way of working.

Use what you already have

Don’t forget about existing data within your systems that can spark ideas and a roadmap for experimentation. Look for “bright spots”– untapped & unlikely sources of insight as well as “blind spots”—areas where you may need new baseline data because of new unprecedented ways of working.

TIP! Consider asking the “new since COVID” leaders and staff – they only know this way of working for you and may have a wealth of insight.

Test and Learn

Don’t get stuck in your business-as-usual comfort zone. Where are opportunities to test out supporting a culture shift to activity based working? Even for the most risk-averse organization there are safe yet challenging opportunities

TIP! Need a quick refresher on activity-based working to find a new idea to try? Check out our 3-minute primer on Activity-Based Working!  


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