Trust – us humans talk a lot about it.

We want to receive it. It makes us feel safe. It creates the secure foundations for experimentation, creativity, innovation.It is a key requirement for a safe working environment. It makes us feel safe. It’s a key contributor to engagement. It helps us bring our whole self to work. Leaders who are trusting get better results. Those are all just off the top of my head. There is an almost endless list of reasons why trust is important.

Trust is fundamental requirement of relationships

So what is it that makes trust such a valuable currency? If we go back to basics and look up the dictionary definition of trust, it gives us the answer. The dictionary tells us “Trust – the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Relations have to be built on trust”. The dictionary tells us, and we know it in our hearts – trust is a fundamental requirement of relationships, be they personal or professional. Relationships are at the core of life and work. What is life, what is work, if not a collection of people working towards something? (boring?).

Contributes to your enjoyment of work

Shut your eyes reader, and take a moment to consider all the people you have relationships with at work. Some of those directly contribute to you delivering what you are working towards, some indirectly, and some just contribute to your enjoyment of work. Some contribute to the opposite of that. They get in the way of you delivering and some actually contribute to you not enjoying work (you know who they are!). I don’t think it would be too bold a statement to say, the difference between those two sets of relationships is a sense of mutual trust.

Getting stuff done

There you have it – trust is a prerequisite of relationships. Relationships are a prerequisite for getting stuff done. Therefore trust is quite simply a necessary requirement for humans advancing and making things happen. Isn’t that what work is for? The question this writer is left with, and maybe you too reader, is if trust is so damn important then what gets in the way of it?

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