Future of Work: going beyond the workspace with Leadership, Diversity and Empathy

Join Iolanda on the Future of Work panel, who will tackle passionately both challenges and opportunities they have personally experienced in embracing new ways of working. And they are, surprisingly enough, not linked to the physical workspace. Are Leadership, Diversity, Empathy, Trust really relevant or just some buzzwords? How is the Future of Work so different? Are companies and teams really embracing new ways of working in Asia or is it a nice marketing label? And how do you measure if you are truly successful on this journey? The speakers represent small, medium and large companies’ views, across diverse industries and in various stages of transformation

When: Thursday 17th September

Where: Big Picture Theatre, Level 9, Capital Tower, Singapore (ref map below)

Book here:  via the WORKTECH19 Singapore site or get in touch with us if you have any questions!


Singapore photo by Jacob Peters-Lehm on Unsplash

For more about this project please contact Iolanda Meehan, Angela Huang

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