Our latest journey for office of the future; Itoki Nagoya.

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Our latest journey for office of the future; Itoki Nagoya.

Our latest journey with our business partner Itoki, has created another activity-based way of working at their office of the future in Nagoya Japan.

Congratulations to our business partner, Itoki corporation, for their recent opening of another Activity Based Working office in Nagoya.

A great example of how a new office and a new workstyle can work for both employees and managers alike – and showcasing how an Activity Based Working philosophy is relevant any office sizes and teams. Read in Japanese about the ‘office of the future’ for Itoki Nagoya and how we, at Veldhoen + Company, supported and continue to support them in this journey to a new mindset of work.

Veldhoen + Company continues to support the implementation of Activity Based Working in Japan.

Our process begins with clarifying the vision that our customers have about their future and what this means their new ways of working. With analysis and engagement with leadership and employees, we then help organisations identify and bridge the gap between their vision and current ways of working. If you would like to find out more, please do contact us.

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Would like to find out more about the Itoki’s project? Check out the press release in Japanese from here!

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