Reflections on the Future of Work 2 – Japan

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Reflections on the Future of Work


Being a consultancy dedicated to making a better world of work, we are a curious and open bunch! So we have tasked ourselves to pick the brains of a handful of pioneers and thought-leaders to ask them about what they have learned from our shared challenges this year and their reflections on the Future of Work. 

For the second in our Thought series (check out the first one here), we spoke with noted Japanese intellectuals. We hope that these interviews help guide your thought process in crafting optimal ways of working in a post COVID-19 world.

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HIROKI HIRAMATSU 1 Woonerf Inc / Founder and CEO

HIROKI HIRAMATSU 2 Woonerf Inc / Founder and CEO

SHIRO NITANAI 1 Facility design lab / Representative

SHIRO NITANAI 2 Facility design lab / Representative

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