Reshaping the future of your workplace | 13 Jan

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Reshaping the Future of your Workplace

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND | The workplace today and beyond COVID19

How we work is evolving and will have significant influence on unlocking how the workplace will function and change in the future. As more people return to the office, now is the prime time to consider reshaping the future of your workplace, by shaping your workplace strategy and managing people returning to the office.

The workplace needs to have additional safety and wellbeing considerations, as well as serve as a connected hub to facilitate collaboration, innovation and productivity. To build this vision, you first need to define your workplace journey and beyond COVID19.

Virtual roundtable

Join Louis Lhoest, Veldhoen + Company, Lucy Fox, OpenSenors, for our virtual event where you can interact with the hosts to share your challenges and thoughts on two key topics – Activity Based Working and leveraging workplace data. Get the opportunity to ask direct questions and guidance on how to cultivate a roadmap to redefine your workplace strategy.

What you can expect

  • A closed event for a small select group
  • Participate in two exercises using an online whiteboard to share your thoughts and challenges on two key topics
  • Opportunity to collaborate with peers and the hosts
  • Guidance on how to define your workplace journey and leverage workplace data in your plans

Spaces are limited so confirm your spot as soon as you can!

OpenSensors 13 Jan 2021
Louis Lhoest, Veldhoen + Company
Lucy Fox, OpenSensors

Reshaping the Future of your Workplace for 2021!

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