Scotiabank’s adaptive way of working post pandemic

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Scotiabank’s Adaptive Way of Working Post Pandemic 

Initiatives from Scotiabank on how their way of working may evolve

In 2016, Scotiabank embarked on a journey for what at the time was called Workplace 2020. This evolved into the Ways We Work (W3) program which introduced a more flexible, collaborative and client focused way of working to a large population of Scotiabankers in downtown Toronto. The way of working being supported by a workplace concept referred to as “Ecosystems”.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a huge shift to working from home for all Scotiabankers. Luckily, the sudden move to almost full-time working from home was done without any major complication or loss in productivity. To a large extent this was accredited to the adoption of the activity-based ways of working and a more agile culture at Scotiabank.

Future Initiatives

In the past month however, Scotiabank has started to think about how their way of working may evolve, and several initiatives have emerged:

  • Improve digital/virtual collaboration to enable remote working to be as good as possible
  • Re-think topics like working norms and wellbeing
  • Identify how current space can be adapted to support collaboration and social distancing for those who need, and are able to, come to the office
  • Develop and evolve a phased ‘Return To the Office’ plan.
  • Develop new real estate that was committed to, prior to the pandemic
  • Create a vision for how the way of working may evolve

We have been honoured to guide Scotiabank leadership and working groups on this exciting journey as they look to evolve their way of working.

We co-created an agile approach with Scotiabank to ensure a resilient and adaptive way of working. Based on the learnings of the W3 journey so far, the evolution of the pandemic, the vision and strategy of the bank, and the purpose and core values that drive the bank’s culture. A set of guiding principles for what the way of working lives up to, and guidelines for applying them, have been set as a user story. Open to evolve and giving a clear sense of direction for the way forward at the same time.

The journey is just beginning but a clear direction is set, a large group of people is engaged, and a governance to deliver has been defined.

Scotiabank Agile and Adaptive Way of Working

Would you like to learn more about how to embark on a journey like this? Or, how to come to a clear direction and engagement about the direction at all levels in your organisation. Perhaps you are curious about what a change in your ways of working could bring to your organisation. Or you’re seeing a lot of stand-alone initiatives in your organisation that are not necessarily aligned to a joint direction. If so, please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to share our insights and experience, and help you get started on your own Future of Work initiatives.

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