ABW Functional Design Brief

Developing an Activity Based Working fit-out is a creative process where collaboration between the business, project team, architects and Veldhoen + Company is crucial for success.

The Design Brief

The functional design brief forms part of this creative process and delivers the view on the functionality to be designed. It includes a summary of the decisions which forms the concept for the new way of working, and provides a level of detail that is aimed at guiding the architects through the design process to best realise the aspirations.

ABW Design brief

Activity and Business Insights

Veldhoen + Company translate the insights gained from the activity analysis, observation study and workshops as part of this workspace brief. Interaction between architects, project team, the business and Veldhoen + Company is key to getting a balanced and working design. Veldhoen + Company also take a role in reviewing the ABW fit-out design in terms of functionality and quality, in order to realise an effective ABW solution for the organisation that is aligned to the brief.

Partner Selection

In our work with architects, interior designers, project managers, office furniture suppliers, technology specialists, etc… we have created many briefs that aligned the ambitions of our clients with their future workplace design and culture. In order to create a team that can meet your standards and requirements of your future workplace, we can help you select the partners you need for your new way of working.

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